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  1. Nick : Gamemod( link download ): http://www.mediafire...ming Descriere Gamemod : Features SAMP Fixer, fix most samp bugs SQLite based database (YourSQL) New login and register system with Email support (forgot password) 7 Teams, 6 Classes Rank system with an option to add/edit/delete as many ranks you want Advance capture zone system with good looking textdraws Selectable Textdraws based class/team selection Random messages in textdraws Player LIVE stats textdraw (on spawn) New custom textdraw menu for Weapons and Inventory shops Amazing Inventory system (/inv) Airstrike system, call an airstrike anywhere with /as Carepackage system, call a carepack anywhere with /carepack Integrated ADMIN system with gamemode Weapon drop system (objects drop) /Dropgun command Fully scripted BAN system (permanent/range/temporary ban) Duel system with custom weapon choice and bet (weapons textdraw menu) Anti spawnkill protection system with countdown textdraws Team balance system, Using array sorting function Custom spawn weapons feature (/weapons [1-3]) Admin ON-Duty system (modified spawn) Protection Helmet (avoid headshot) Gas Mask (avoid tear gas effect) Instant class and team switch (/sc, /st) Instant spawn switch (/ss) Airstrike system (/as) Help dialog (/help) Hello,this is my gamemode that i have been working on with X337 about one year ago,I left this project on August 2015 if i'm not mistaken,and one year later I found this script on my hard disk and decided to working on it again and put it online(you guys can see it on server advertisement section).it's not really success,so yeah good luck with it,sure that I got permissions for X337 to release it. Poze: http://imgur.com/a/DcohY Alte precizări:
  2. Nick : ^Xe^ Gamemod( link download ): http://www.mediafire... ... OS_B26.rarhttp://www.girlshare.ro/33818031.5 Descriere Gamemod :Serverul contine: - System Admin [ 10 Nivele ] - System VIP [ 8 Nivele ] - System Race - System Gang - System Clan - System anti-s0b - System Drift Si multe altele... Serverul mai are multe systeme pe care nu le-am precizat, comenzi ( peste 100 ), teles ( peste 80 ) si protectie anti-flood/anti-boti Poze:http://imgur.com/SH3NVFX Alte precizări:-
  3. Nick : ^Xe^ Gamemod( link download ): http://www.girlshare.ro/33718348.4 Descriere Gamemod : Police Department- F.B.I. - National Guard - The Triad's Mafia - The Porrello Family - Sicilian Mafia - Government - Tow Truck Company - News Reporter - The Russian Mafia - The Agency - School Instructors - Los Santos Taxi - Paramedic Joburi: - Detective - Lawyer - Whore - Drugs Dealer - Pizza Boy - Farmer - Bus Driver - Mechanic - Arms Dealer - Garbage - Product Delivery - Mower Cutter - Fisherman - Trucker - Petrol Delivery Man - Woodman - Bale Mover Serverul mai beneficiaza de: - Dealership cu masini limitate. - Sistem de war pe teritorii. - Sistem de clanuri. - Sistem de Referral. - Sistem requestevent. - Walkie Talkie Poze: http://imgur.com/a/1TKKb#0 Alte precizări:
  4. ⚫Nume Mapa: THE MOSAIC MUSEUM ⚫Sloturi Mapa: 150 ⚫Link download: http://www.minecraft...e-mosaic-museum ⚫Imagini:
  5. ⚫Nume Mapa: UNIQUELY PARKOUR 2! ⚫Sloturi Mapa: 200 ⚫Link download: http://www.minecraft...quely-parkour-2 ⚫Imagini:
  6. ⚫Nume Mapa: DESERTOUR ⚫Sloturi Mapa: 300 ⚫Link download : http://www.minecraft...-maps/desertour ⚫Imagini:
  7. ⚫Nume Mapa: YOU'RE SCREWED ⚫Sloturi Mapa: 300 ⚫Link download: http://www.minecraft...s/youre-screwed ⚫Imagini:
  8. • Numele hartii : gg_basicx • Tipul hartii : gun game • Autor :- • Download : http://gamebanana.com/maps/183920 • Imagini :
  9. • Numele hartii : gg_pillarz_dtk • Tipul hartii : gun game • Autor : • Download : http://gamebanana.com/maps/183805 • Imagini :
  10. • Numele hartii : dtkgg_double_corner_v1 • Tipul hartii : gun game • Autor : - • Download : http://gamebanana.com/maps/183587 • Imagini :
  11. Nick : ^Xe^ Gamemod( link download ): http://www.mediafire...ming Descriere Gamemod : Factiuni:1.Police Department 2.Federal Bureau Of Investigation 3.National Guard 4.Medics 5.Russian Mafia 6.The Triads 7.Mayor 8.Hitman Agency 9.News Reporter 10.Taxi Company 11.School Instructors 12.Variors Loz Astecas 13.Los Santos Vagos 14.Grove Street 15.Ballas Gang Joburi: 1. Detective 2. Lawyer 3. Whore 4. Drugs Dealer 5. Car Jacker 6. Grass Mower 7. Car Mechanic 8. Arms Dealer 9. Car Dealer 10. Miner 11. Trucker 12. Paper Boy 13. Programator 14. Farmer 15. Wood Cutter 16. Adventurer Eventuri Unice: 1.Ratele& Vanatorii 2. Glass Event 3.Gun Game 4.DeathMatch 5.UziEvent 6.Shot Event 7.M4 Event 8.Grenade Event 9.Shovel Event 10.AK47 Event 11.Chainsaw Event 12.Purple dildo Event 13.Sawn-off Event Puteti accesa gamemode-ul sa vedeti cu totul ! Poze: http://imgur.com/a/DcohY Alte precizări: -
  12. Nick : ^Xe^ Gamemod( link download ): http://www.girlshare.ro/3489235294.6 Descriere Gamemod : Acest GameMode ruleaza MySQL Poze: http://imgur.com/a/TXxgZ Alte precizări:-
  13. Cât îi ia să îți faca 2 luni ?
  14. 1.Tutorial [Link Sau descriere]: 2.Din ce categorie face parte tutorialul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elenD0T6Cis 3.Cum ar ajuta jucatorii: sa faceti o capcana 4:Link: - 5:Autorul: MrCubey 6:O scurta descriere: In acel videoo !
  15. 1.Tutorial [Link Sau descriere]: 2.Din ce categorie face parte tutorialul: Minecraft 3.Cum ar ajuta jucatorii: Sa construiasca un grajd pentru cai 4:Link:- 5:Autorul: BdoubleO100 6:O scurta descriere: se vede in video !